1. Duration of competition is 1-3 days. DARE2DANCE Inc.  reserves the right to cancel an event due to extreme and/or
unforeseen circumstances.

2. Recording of any kind of performances is strictly prohibited. To ensure the safety of participants and artistic right/choreography, DARE2DANCE Inc. reserves the right to confiscate devices and/or have recording/photo(s) deleted.

3. Studio/Director/Varsity Team Leader or Independent Participant are to represent any challenges to the management team of DARE2DANCE Inc. management. Adjudicators are not to be approached by participants, attendees, and studio directors/choreographers.

4. Backstage and Rehearsal hall/Area (where available) access is for Studio Directors, choreographers, participants, and prop handlers ONLY. Parents are not permitted backstage and/or in rehearsal hall/area. Studio Directors/Choreographers must check in with Stage Manager 3 routines before your performance.

5. By registering with DARE2DANCE all attendees and competitors are granting permission for photography and film to be used for promotional purposes in print, video, and online for DARE2DANCE Inc.


6. DARE2DANCE Inc. and its staff are not liable for any financial losses and/or damage(s), and/or personal injury that
may result from an interaction with any of its vendors, including but not limited to, the venue and its staff.


7. DARE2DANCE Inc., including by not limited to its staff, venue staff, and participant vendors, are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

8. Studios and/or Independent Participants will be held responsible for any damages to competition venue and/or property of third party vendors. Fines and/or additional fees may apply for damages.

9. DARE2DANCE Inc. will not issue refunds in the event of sudden cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, such as but
not limited to power outages, extreme weather, terrorism threats, etc.



10. Participants are not permitted to have more than one entry in the same category and age division. Studio groups
competing in the same category and division must have half of the group comprised of different dancers.


11. All conflicts MUST be reported prior to competition. Routines performed out of order is strictly prohibited and may result in mark deductions and/or disqualification. In the event a routine must be held over, for example, but not limited to, a verified costume change conflict, that routine MUST perform before that category’s adjudication session.

12. One second attempt is permitted for Novice competitors. All other competitive levels will receive a mark deduction and are disqualified from Overall awards. All second attempts are subject to time permitting.

13. Dancers are expected to be on site 1 hour before scheduled performance in the event competition is running ahead of schedule.

14. Studio Directors/Choreographers/Varsity Team Leaders and Dancers are to report to Stage Manager minimum 3 performances before their own.

15. Adjudicators decisions/marks are final and non-negotiable. Tie-Breakers will be at the sole discretion of the judging panel.

16. Studio Directors/Representatives/Varsity Team Leaders are to check-in at Information/Merchandise booth to receive competition package on first day of competition. PLEASE NOTE: Score sheets and cash awards will be distributed immediately following Overalls session
to Studio Directors and/or Independent Participants ONLY unless otherwise notified in writing.

17. Any items left behind by studios and/or independent participants, including but no limited to, music, props, score sheets, and awards, will not be returned at the expense of DARE2DANCE Inc.

18. Plagiarism of choreography is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

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19. Music is to be submitted directly through online registration portal and Google Drive. Each music file is to be labelled accordingly: STUDIO NAME - ENTRY SONG TITLE/NAME - ENTRY #. 

20. Microphones must be provided by studio/organization. Sound checks must be scheduled during adjudication breaks. DARE2DANCE Inc. and its partner vendors are not liable for the use of microphones. Additional fees may apply.


21. Any props requiring more than 2 minutes of set-up or strike must be brought to the attention of DARE2DANCE Inc. upon registration. Every effort will be made to accommodate set-up and strike of props within the competition schedule.

22. The use of Rosin is limited to venue policy.

23. Use of baby powder, sand, paint, chalk, glitter, confetti, water, pyrotechnics (explosives and/or fireworks), dry ice (fog machines), weapons (knives, swords, pellet/cap guns, etc.), helium balloons, is strictly prohibited.

24. Props MUST BE FREE-STANDING. Absolutely no use of theatre stage equipment including, but not limited to, lighting and backdrops.

25. Set-up and strike of props are the exclusive responsibility of the dance studio/independent participant. DARE2DANCE Inc. is
not responsible for any props forgotten at venue.

26. DARE2DANCE Inc. must be notified of all large props to assess accessibility within the venue. Dance studios/independent participants may not be able to use large props in the event the venue cannot accommodate its size.



27. *Registration Details are classified for registrants only.

28. Each competition weekend has limited availability and is based on a first-come-first-served basis. DARE2DANCE Inc. reserves the right to refuse studio/independent entries due to time constraints.

29. Independent entries must submit a consent letter from Choreographer and/or Studio Director granting permission to compete with their routine(s).

30. Studio Directors, Choreographers, Varsity Team Leaders and/or Independent Participants must have proof of age of their performers available upon request during competition weekend in the event of a challenge regarding entry classification. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

31. Entries submitted after final schedule is released/published will be charged a $15 administrative fee and will not qualify for Overall Awards.

32. Any returned cheques will be subject to a $35 NSF Fee.



Participants by virtue of entering and attending a DARE2DANCE Inc. event, give their permission and consent to the directors of DARE2DANCE Inc. to use their images or photographs or appear in videos or any other electronic or print media for advertising, news coverage, or any other commercial use of our events. Any performer competing in DARE2DANCE Inc. dance competition acknowledges certain and inherent risks. These include, but are not limited to sprains, bruises, broken bones, and pulled muscles. Participation in any DARE2DANCE Inc. event indicates the acceptance of such risk by the participants. DARE2DANCE. assumes all participants are in good health. DARE2DANCE Inc. and hosting facility are not liable for personal injury or property loss to either participants or spectators.

By virtue of being permitted to participate in a DARE2DANCE Inc. event, each participant agrees:


TO ASSUME AND ACCEPT ALL RISKS arising out of, associated with or related to participating in such event, even though such risks may have been caused by the negligence of the hosting facility, DARE2DANCE Inc., their directors, employees, agents or other representatives (all of whom are hereafter collectively referred to as the “Releasees”);

TO BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE which they might sustain while participating in such event, even though such injury, loss or damage may have been caused by the negligence of the Releasees;

TO RELEASE THE RELEASEES from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense they may suffer or that their next of kin may suffer as a result of their participation in the event, due to any cause whatsoever;

TO HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNITY THE RELEASEES from (i) all liability for any damage to the personal property of, or personal injury to, any third party resulting from my participation in the event and all related activities; and (ii) any and all claims, demands, actions, and costs which might arise out of my participating in the event, even though such claims, demands, actions, and costs may have been caused by negligence of the Releasees.

*DARE2DANCE reserves the right to change their

DISCLAIMER/WAIVER before any held event.


© 2017 by DARE2DANCE Incorporated.


DARE2DANCE Inc. provides an outlet for choreographers and dancers to challenge themselves by demonstrating their passion for the art of dance through a fun and exciting competitive experience.  We endeavour to provide an environment to further the development and talent of choreographers and dancers by exposing them to leading professionals.