"A challenge especially to prove courage"

DARE2DANCE INC. is brought to you by industry professionals for over 15 years in an established Southern Ontario dance studio.  Our own passion for the art of dance inspired us to provide an outlet for choreographers and dancers to learn from both their peers and recognized industry professionals through a competitive dance experience.  Pooling our expertise from a competitive dance studio allows us the confidence to provide a fun and exciting dance competition for dancers; create a process that is as stress free as possible for both studio directors and dancers; and finally, give dancers and parents an enjoyable weekend of dance with their families.  

WE DARE YOU to show us your courage and passion to be original!

We challenge you to DARE2DANCE!

Susana Azevedo - DIRECTOR

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Dare2Dance Inc. provides an outlet for choreographers and dancers to challenge themselves by demonstrating their passion for the art of dance through a fun and exciting competitive experience.  We endeavour to provide an environment to further the development and talent of choreographers and dancers by exposing them to leading professionals.