"A challenge especially to prove courage"

DARE2DANCE Inc. provides a fun and positive competitive dance environment for all ages and technique levels. Collectively we have been a studio manager, dancers, teachers, and of course supporting family members ourselves.  Our experiences pooled together make it possible to maintain an inclusive and positive dance competition where dancers enrich their craft by learning from their peers and industry professionals.

Each competitor receives various D2D awards according to their level of achievement and each entry qualifies for multiple overall awards and/or scholarships as decided by the D2D panel of qualified adjudicators.  As part of our effort to create a fun and exciting environment for dancers, families, and studio directors/teachers, DARE2DANCE can guarantee our competitions will be a maximum 3-day weekend with doors open a maximum of 14 hours each day of competition and sufficient session breaks.  We provide the outlet for dancers to be challenged, for studio directors/teachers to have a simple process, and for friends and family to cheer on their loved ones.


We dare you to show us your courage and passion…DARE2DANCE! 

Susana Azevedo - DIRECTOR

Red Chairs